Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Silk Plants Be Gone–Real Plants Search Is On!

My new apartment is fabulous!  It is decorated so beautifully by my landlord Helen an incredible interior designer.
The only problem is every vessel has a silk something in it. We have Silk English Ivy, Silk Schefflera, Silk Hydrangeas, Silk Swedish Ivy, Silk Roses, Silk Ferns (and I will stop there, you get the picture.)
This probably wouldn’t bother most people but there is a story….(hence the name of this blog!)
Back in 1978 I worked in a small corner flower shop (Blossom Flower Shop, one of a family owned chain of 4 in Westchester and the Bronx.)   One day one of the employees from a side business my boss Tommy invested in came in to see me, hearing I knew something about real plants and not just flowers.  He accompanied me to several accounts in NYC where the plants were dying….that started my lust for foliage and some major steps in my career.  I serviced Brooks Brothers, Fortunoff, One World Trade Center, etc.
Thank you David Weiner…
I digress though, from there I worked for John Mini Indoor Landscapes in City Island servicing Exxon/Mobile, Magic Pans, First Boston (watering hanging baskets on the 140th floor nof the World Trade Center!)
We moved to Chicagoland and I worked for Fancy Plants servicing atriums in office buildings.
I learned my foliage, from ID to proper care.
So my mission now is to replace every silk plant in my personal space with the real thing.
Now I just need to find a good greenhouse in the area! 
My adventure now that I am back in NY continues! 
Stayed tuned!


  1. Helen is going to have such fun with her new gardens. We both know what's coming, right? We had the front planters filled before we got down the driveway on the first visit!

  2. Yes she is! Seems all her trellises in the backyard came down during Hurricane sandy. John will be busy when he comes up to visit too!